This mani makes me feel like a badass

drawin’ a dragonnn

Supposed to be peacock-inspired, not sure how well it worked…

Today’s meeting doodle: cats

I have discovered the most comfortable way to browse tumblr on my new desktop

this was just supposed to be an exercise to get used to Illustrator CC, but it became way more time consuming than anticipated when Adobe quit right as I was adding my signature, so I had to start again from scratch x(

Anyways here’s a big smiley whale shark (who’s transparent!)

I did it

I caved and bought Adobe Creative Cloud for my new computer.

However other than that I am in love with my new setup (and my new place! did I mention I moved to Baltimore?). Hopefully it will be more conducive to digital art.

drew myself because I don’t think I have since I got my new haircut? (its an asymmetrical bob now btw)

thumbnails for a fun freelance gig

my first lettering project for a “client”— my friend got this tattooed on her back! Once its all healed she’s gonna let me post a photo on here.