I wanted to draw a siamese sphinx.

She is judging your outfit.


Just barely fit… #artscape #baltimore

ok one more Artscape group selfie, this time from the top of the garage overlooking the city/festival

Julep Blog

My most recent manicure got featured on Julep’s blog, how fun!


Great day at #Artscape with these lovely ladies

today was awesome and I wish I had more money to (responsibly) spend. Also I pet a lot of dogs and it was great.


hell yeah updated my portfolio (you guys have seen all the “new” pieces, but it’s always such a CHORE to update it that I always want to share afterward, haha)

#julepmaven July box

heyyoooo I made these suckers into wallpapers. They’re 2560x1440 (provided tumblr doesn’t shrink them). But they should fit any screen as long as you scale to fit to whatever the height of your screen is?? That makes sense right…

society6 updated

I put some of my recent illustrations on society6!

This includes the Stark Sisters, since I know a couple people have been asking about it! I’m gonna try and make them available as pillows too…

wanted to see if I still remembered how to draw InuYasha.

Not bad.